Upholstery Cleaning Services in the Geelong area

Your furniture plays a critical role in the overall appearance of your home. Just like dirty carpet, soiled and stained upholstery can cause your house to appear dirty. Freshen up your home with upholstery cleaning from Springfresh Carpet Cleaning. Our cleaning process lifts stains and soil out of upholstery and sanitizes the upholstery fabric. Your family deserves clean upholstery and with Springfresh Carpet Cleaning your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do you like saving money? Are you considering buying new furniture? Have you stopped to consider if you really need new furniture or if it just needs to be cleaned. Save money by calling the professionals at Springfresh Carpet Cleaning. Our unique cleaning solution penetrates deep into the fibers of your furniture cleaning away stuborn dirt leaving behind nothing but clean, fresh-smelling fabric.

Our upholstery cleaning services being performed in Geelong

Upon arrival our certified technician will inspect your upholstery to identify the problem-areas. The technician looks for heavily soiled and stained spots. For homes with pets the technician looks for pet related stains to the upholstery fabric, so we can pre-treat them with our odor neutralising solutions. After inspection, our technician goes to work with our pre-treating process. He applies a special solution that breaks up embedded dirt. This process is followed up with our thorough steam rinse and extraction removing dirt and the remaining cleaning solution.